Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wheel! Of! Fortune!

Oh. My. God. Guess what happened tonight? I met this nice woman at the conference, and she showed me how to play the Wheel of Fortune slot machine - and, so, I put in a dollar, and then I got a free spin, and then I got another free spin, and maybe another, and then - guess what? I won $130!

Then I almost bought a pair of Jimmy Choo's - but they didn't look right on my feet.

Now I'm sitting on my velvet couch, looking out at the lights and a black horizon, trying to fight an urge to go downstairs and play some more Wheel! of! Fortune!


kbmulder said...

Did you keep it all, or play some more? Once I won $25 from a slot and I stopped right away. Hope you find some nice shoes to buy!

Special K said...

I stopped immediately. EEE!

clterry said...

Wow! How did you not find a different pair of shoes to buy?

Overcome Agoraphobia said...

Ha! that's awesome. You've inspired me to take up a gambling addiction! (jk)