Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Art (law blog)

I'm thinking about buying a new piece by this artist I read about on a law blog (which is hilarious, you should check it out) of all places. I went there to laugh ("What is art - a chart") but came away with a hot tip on up-and-comer Chrissie White. I like this oneand
this one. What do you think? (Photos via her photostream on Flickr.)


Andy said...

Is it Bob Loblaw's Law Blog?

(Arrested Development joke)


Carrie said...

The second one reminds me of your Barbie Boxes. I like them, but where will you hang them at home? They are a little morose for the dinning room, or I am too narrow minded?

Special K said...

Oh, I think either one would look very nice in the living room next to the Murakami.

And, YES! It's quite similar to Bob Lablaw's Law Blog, isn't it?