Sunday, February 22, 2009

Live Bloggin' at the Oscars

Well, my Oscar Week (TM) kind of took a dump this week - but I did notice that my readership is nevertheless at an all time high, so I thank you all for checking in!

Sat. morning I woke up with what I thought was a monster hangover, but it turns out it was the beginnings of a rotten cold. Spent most of the weekend sleeping or camped out on the couch, which is were I am now, watching the Oscars (instead of at my friends' party! So sad!) A classmate of mine from high school is on E - and as I lay on the couch, unwashed, surrounded by soggy tissues, hair matted - I wondered what it would be like to be living in LA, in a designer dress, talking about Brad and Angelina on TV.

Erk, now they're doing that creepy Death Roll bit - it's like a death popularity game, isn't it?

Oh, boy - they're finally getting to some good awards - it was nice they started it out with Penelope (I loved her little bit in Spanish and more thrilled that I could figure out what she was saying!) I suppose it was no surprise that Heath L. was going to win for Best Supporting... I'm thinking Doyle for Director... wait for it... Oh! I'm right!

Damn, commercial break. Common, academy! I'm tired, I want to go to bed!

It's gotta be Kate for Best Actress... I kind of like this deal where they bring past winners up to do the actors, although it's sort of emotionally cruel - these poor people are a mess by the end of it - Ooh, Kidman's dress is gooooorgeous. Sophia's dress is ridiculous. What in the hell is that jewelry Angelina's wearing? It looks like she has jolly ranchers hanging off her body. And the winner is... Yeah!

Now, let's see... Sean Penn? No, I bet it'll be Mickey Rourke. Oop! It is Sean Penn. I'm gonna see see that movie, some day, but I never run out for Gus Van Sant. Ooh, big smack-down to the the haters! Alright!

I bet it's nice holding an Oscar - people always go, Oh, it's heavy - then they hold them, up and out. I like that.

Best picture - so tired - everyone knows it's Slumdog Millionaire... Yes! Ok. Good nite!


Carrie said...

With so many incredible, nominated and winning films STILL in theatres, why has Paul Blart Mall Cop and Madea Goes to Jail been the top of the box office this month? Nobody better blame the economy and "people just need a laugh" lines. I mean, if you have the choice between something elevated, moving and thought provoking, why spend time on anything else? If you want more for your money, actually get MORE for your money. I thought the ceremony was really catering to these viewers. Hey Medea Goes to Jail viewers, did you know first that has to be a screanplay, then they need to build a set, someone decides what Medea will wear, someone has to fit all the director's shots together and you need music too? To be fair, I have seen niether Madea or Paul Blart, and I won't either. Maybe these viewers think I'm really missing out seeing Frost/Nixon and The Reader instead.

Special K said...

Don't tell me you *still* have faith in humanity!