Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentimes!

Hope you're all having a lovely Valentine's Day. I seem to have broken the cardinal rule of valentine's day, which is: Don't eat so much for dinner that you end up spending the whole night moaning over a stomach ache.

Well, aside from a stuffed belly, we had a lovely day - this morning had a wonderful late breakfast at Victory's Banner, then went to the fabric store for a secret project, then we drove downtown and went to the Art Institute to see the Edvard Munch show. It was very exciting because I know the curator of the show, and many of the pieces are from the very fine collection of Munch prints from the Prints and Drawings Room where I used to volunteer. I haven't been downtown for Ihatetotellyouhowlong. Then we had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in the old 'hood.

Here's a (romantic?) Munch for you to enjoy:August Strindberg said of this work, [it's] "the fusion of two beings, one of which in the form of a carp, seems to be about to swallow the larger after the manner of vermin, microbes, vampires and women …" Oh no he didn't!


clterry said...

I like this painting alot better than the blog before, but I don't see the carp thingy. I like the "fusion of two people" Romantic.

Sounds like you had a great Valentine's Day, what is the secret fabric, do we get to see or is it TMI?

When I went to school downtown, I loved going to the canal and ither rollerblading or riding my bike, now it seems like I rarely get down there but when I do, I think 'we need to come downtown more often' and we live so close by.

Indiana Fan said...

That quote says a lot more about Strindberg than it does about the picture, but that's art critics for you: those you can't teach, critique.

kbmulder said...

Sounds like a great day to me! Which restaurant did you go to for dinner? Was it Tweet (was that the name of the place you took Andy and me?)