Sunday, May 03, 2009


I made the mistake of listening to some pundits last week and getting so upset about swine flu I had to go to bed early and go to my mental happy place. It didn't help that my place of business sent out an email that they had "been preparing for a pandemic for a long time" and then proceeded to inform us of the ways we were to be kept safe, which involved us covering our mouths when sneezing and frequently washing our hands.

I am of the opinion that informing grown people of things they should do out of common decency is completely useless if that person does not already do those things. For example, most restaurants have a sign in the bathroom that implores employees to "Wash hands before returning to work." Those people, and people who do not cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough, are not going to suddenly start acting like responsible citizens of the world because you ask them nicely. They are animals, and will kill us all one day with their filthy germs.

My "cousin" KHM has just about the only reasonable view of this whole thing I've heard. Check out her recent posts.

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KHM said...

hey---look at me, all famous and stuff! I'm flattered you find it informative and reassuring. I loathe action for action's sake and unfortunately, I do believe that's what is happening in large part.

I know that many many public health professionals feel caught up in competing demands and are likely having trouble focusing attention where it should be in this matter because its just NOT sensational. For that matter, I don't see many folks with public health credentials and responsibilities attracting media attention. Curious, no?