Saturday, May 16, 2009


Last weekend in Indiana there was lots of talk about who/when/where re: morel hunting. My aunt's husband (somehow not quite my uncle) said it was a "bad year" for morels, and he only found "five or six."

"Oh, that is pretty bad," I said.

"Pounds." Oh, come on.

Much was made of the sort of people who will shell out ridiculous amounts of money for morels. Well, my friends, M&I are exactly those kinds of people and today happily purchased 1/4 pound of mushrooms for $12. Yes, that's $48/lb, and worth every penny.

Hoosiers know there's one way to cook up your morels, and that's fried in butter:
Hello, my precious

flour and pepper bath




dad said...

"That's some good eatin!"....(at any cost!) I'm sure you both enjoyed it!

kbmulder said...

Yum! And what cookbook quality pictures! I've only had them once, buy I recall they were good. From my friends backyard woods in green township.

Special K said...

oh, kbm, you wouldn't believe how many pics I took to get those four! (:

kbmulder said...

Pic #1 looks like a piece of art and should be framed and hung in the kitchen. Seriously!

KHM said...

All these years of Hoosiers at every turn and I've never been offered a single morel. Never heard of any being hunted...and yet, this year, all over FB and the blogs I see evidence of it. Where've I been?

Special K said...

I'm not too surprised, more precious than gold, people are a bit stingy with them sometimes. (: