Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jackson, WY

The last few days of our trip we stayed in a spa/hotel in Jackson - we had a lovely little luxury cabin and indulged ourselves with massages, soaks, and gourmet food.

Here we are at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar":


dad said...

Have a couple friends that just love Jackson, we have to get there someday. How were the seats at the bar? Looks like you cowboys and cowgirls were having a good time!

Carrie said...

Why is it called A Million Dollar?

Special K said...

The seats were not comfortable for long for us "City Folk". It's called the MDB because there are silver dollars inlaid in the bar-top.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the Obamas were on our heals for the trip (we're trend-setters like that). I wish I had seen them because they would have been the only people of color we saw in Wyoming/Montana the whole time we were there!

kbmulder said...

What a pretty cowgirl! Love your hair!