Sunday, August 16, 2009


M & I got back from our trip out west this afternoon. Have been doing that weird re-adjustment thing one does when they come home from a vacation. One of the first things we did was put ALL of our clothes in the wash - they were DIS-GUSTING. One pair of pants, I couldn't even bring home - I threw them in the trash, they smelled so bad. Hiking, camping... I tell ya...

We happened to catch Grand Geyeser going off - it only goes off once or twice a day and not regularly, like Old Faithful.

Here's M in front of the terraces at Mammoth - they were amazing, like another world. Nearby was a hot spring which fed into a river - we went for a soak there - it was so fun, the river was freezing, but this boiling water was puring into it. It felt delicious!

This was one of my favorite views - the repetition of these tall lodge-pole pines - so different than the forests I grew up with!


dad said...

Can I just say...WOW!

Carrie said...

Wow indeed! This looks incredible. Maybe I do want to be a little outdoorsey for some vacations. I can sacrifice some pants!