Sunday, April 03, 2011


When we were in Hawaii a few years ago, driving along a mountain road we saw a woman selling roasted coconut. We do not like coconut, but we do like side-of-the-road-food, so we bought some, and it was incredible. We've never had anything like it since.

Husband is trying to recreate delicious treat and bought two coconuts and drained them (hammer a hole with an awl into opposite sides, like so...)

"There are two schools of thought," he tells me, "One is, you wrap it in a towel and you go outside and bang it like hell on the sidewalk. The other is, you wrap it in in a towel and go outside and hit it with a hammer." Observe.


That was disgusting. Then he did it again. Success.


Then you chop up the coconut and roast with sugar for... 10 hrs! It's still in the oven.


dad said...

Hip..Hip..Hooray! A success! (Next time I see you guys, I'll give M some safty glasses, so when he is doing those hazardous projects...(How did it turn out?)

ma said...

Are you thinking Pa Ingalls?

Special K said...

Yes! Exactly- I couldn't remember his name for some reason...

Special K said...

they taste really good, although we both think they should have been roasted a little longer! o_0