Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rejoice: Brunch

We had a lovely brunch with a few friends today. We hashed out a menu and then rewrote the whole thing after I discovered a recipe for asparagus pie (with chevre and goat cheese - *drool*) in Bust magazine and M remember that we hadn't included that all-too-important-item: deviled eggs!

Cucumber and Raspberry Vodka Sparklers

Deviled Eggs
Salmon Mousse

Asparagus Pie
Fried Potatoes
Berry Fruit Salad
Buttermilk Chive Biscuits (with bacon)

Lemon Curd Cupcakes
Assorted Ice Creams

Oh, my dear, it was lovely (if I do say so myself.) Yet another reason I love Bust magazine. Sometimes I forget what I'm reading, and I'll be like, OMG, this magazine is so great, it's all about women! And then I'm like, Oh, duh, it's Bust. What is WRONG with you, you STUPID IDIOT!?! (joke.)

In other food news, we popped into Publican yesterday and had the best french fries (oh, pardon moi: frites) I've ever had, ever? I intend to go back, soon, preferably with a meat-eater, or, with someone who hates french fries, so I can eat them all by myself. Aside from all that fun, the weekend passed, as it usually does, in the blink of a lamb's tail. Happy Spring!


Caitlin said...

you are totally my fanciest friend. :)

dad said...

Sounded like an AWESOME Easter meal....back to those french fries! I'll go with you, but I want to eat them also!

Anonymous said...

wow. brunch was epic. take it from someone lucky enough to have been there! thanks so much again K&M! LL

Molly Z said...

It was fabulous!!! Thanks so much, K & M, for an absolutely delightful Easter - truly lovely in every way. SO happy to have been there. xoxo (: