Sunday, November 13, 2011

One of these days, Alice...

Jupiter & moons,
I got M a Galileoscope kit for his bday and we just went out in the garden and had a little look around the universe.  We saw a nice view of the Moon, Jupiter, and a cluster of stars that I think was Alcyone.

Jupiter was really cool because we saw her moons too - we couldn't see them with our naked eyes, but there they were in the telescope!  This gift, I must admit, is partly for me too because I always wanted to have a telescope myself. 

BTW, if you have a smart fone, you MUST get Google Sky.  It's the best app in the entire world. 

I can't wait for the Earth to keep spinning so we can see more stuff.  (:

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dad said...

Another great reason to spend time in the backyard...