Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Going back to work after a 4 day weekend was kind of the pits.  Sitting at my desk, I feel like the energy is being sucked out of my body by my eyes.  And I haven't even blogged about all the fun stuff we did! 

Thanksgiving day was great - we were with friends and had a really terrific vegetarian meal of all "sides".  Then we essentially didn't eat for two days after, we were so full. 

M & I saw The Muppet movie - that was really great.  I thought it was really funny and totally in the spirit of the "old" movies, of which I was and am a big fan.  Great songs that I kind of want to memorize and sing in the shower.  Very funny song by Gonzo's chicken ladies clucking  "F*ck you" (or is that Cl*ck You?  GET IT?!?)  Miss Piggy: funnier than ever. Jason Segal, good sir, I thank you. 

 I have been reading a lot, but mostly so I can concentrate on Eugenides The Marriage Plot, which I haven't had a moment to crack yet.  This weekend....

We remodeled out bedroom and I'm going to post pictures VERY soon, but I ordered a new rug and I'm waiting for that to come in.  OMG, it's so pretty.

In other slightly bizarre news, marijuana appears to have been decriminalized in our little hamlet.  Not sure what that means - will it be like Amsterdam? 

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d00dpwn1337 said...

Nah, we are too straight-laced here. And apparently in Amsterdam too.