Wednesday, November 09, 2011

w00t PaWn: Rage

A few days ago M asked me why I hadn't reviewed his video game and I said, "Because you haven't been playing anything new." and he said he'd be playing this brand new game for several days, with something akin to outrage.  And I was all... Looks like the same ol' crap to me, yo.  But, apparently, it's this new game called Rage

If you ask me, it's completely derivative of all the other video games he's been playing lately, it has some FPS* and some driving bits.  I've asked M several times what the story's all about but he's never been able to tell me.  Occasionally some people will talk - I think Danny Devito does one of the voices. 

One day we were walking by a Red Box and I was like, Hey, your game is a movie, too.  But I guess they have games in those Red Boxes. 
this could be anything.
I don't really have that much to say about this game because it's total snores-ville, but M seems to like it.  It has given me multiple opportunities to whip out some Dylan Thomas, so there's that.

Rating: Unbearable and indistinguishable.

*First-person shooter.  OMG, so, it turns out, there's also a third-person shooter style, in which the "camera" view is just over the shoulder.  M was playing Warhamer 40-something and it's in that style.  I quite liked it because frankly I think it's very confusing when it's first person and your guy gets killed or whatever and you're like, WTF just happened?  Nahmean?

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