Sunday, November 27, 2011

Spring Awakening

Today I saw the first preview of Spring Awakening by the Griffin Theatre - if you're in Chicago, I encourage you buy your tickets now, I have a feeling it's going to be BIG!  It's based on a German play from the 1890s, but recreated as a musical by that dude from Duncan Sheik (surely his name is not Duncan Sheik, right?  Too lazy to look it up...) who did that song, Barely Breathing back in the 90s?  Which I am not ashamed to admit that I love and have in heavy rotation on ye ol ipad. 

Anywho, even though it was written in the 1890s, it's amazingly topical (sadly topical) and deals with teenage sexuality, sex education (or lack thereof) and some other heavy stuff which I won't mention for fear of spoilers.  Check out the wikipedia article on the play if you want more background.  One of the characters wants to know where babies come from and can't get her mom to tell her - another boy gets in serious trouble at school for writing out some details on reproductive systems for his friends.  It made me  sad and angry to think of all those ridiculous schools in the US which are trying to decrease sex ed and give out erroneous and dangerous information, over 100 years after this play was written.    Gah.

I guess this is the play that Lea Michelle from Glee started her career with.   I thought this Chicago cast was terrific (including my friend L.L.!) My only complaint might be that the stage seemed a bit small for this show, but, it was really intimate, which was nice. 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming Kelly!! You and Molly are fantastically supportive. xx LL

Anonymous said...

also: definitely named duncan sheik. the dude. singular.