Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bathroom Before and After

 I should really do a Before and Before and After, but I can't find the pics from the middle before... Anyway, here's what our bathroom looked like when we bought our house...

ewww granny light

After a while I painted the bathroom lavender and we put in new towel racks and a new light fixture, but we still had all that super-crappy stuff like the sink and the mirror and the tub and...

It took long time to decide what kind of tile I wanted, and I (we? M was curiously not obsessed with this like I was) finally settled on this gorgeous Carrera marble subway and basket weave for the floor. The walls are Tiffany blue.

Remodeling, any home-owner will tell you, is an outrageous pain in the ass that's barely worth the trouble, takes 4 times longer than you think it will and costs at least twice as much.  "Not us!" we thought.   "WE are organized and efficient."  Ha.  The sink you see below is the second one we bought, the other is sitting in the garage, with a leak.  We ordered three feet too little floor tile and had to overnight ship the remainder (guess how much it costs to ship marble overnight).  And for some reason one of the three lights is out, which makes me and M so mad we want to smash the whole room to pieces with a sledge hammer.  But, was it worth it?  Yes.  Yes, I think so.  Pretty much.  Well, it is absolutely GORGE, if I do say so myself.  I was going for Parisian Toilette - I think I got it, don't you?

Will you look at that? The damn light's out! ARG!
We have some mildly scandalous artwork in the form of dirty postcards we bought the last time we were in Paris (J.C., that sounds obnoxious, doesn't it?)  One was especially naughty, so I put it in a reversible frame (below) that we can flip when the very young and the very old are visiting.

O! Excusez-moi!



Carrie said...

That looks AMAZING!

dad said...

Looks GREAT!

ma said...

It's interesting that the fairly scandalous art is all feminine.

Special K said...

well, I'm not going to put up a bunch of pictures of dudes' butts - gross!