Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hunger Games Movie!

The Mockingjay

So, we went to opening night of the Hunger Games, natch!  It was SUPER fun.  First we met some friends in the bar, and, like, so, a week ago?  We had gone to the bar, which is attached to the movie theatre, and asked them if they were going to make special drinks for the movie and the bartender said he hadn't read the books, so we wrote a bunch of ideas on a napkin, and gave it to him.  Anyway, Friday night they had two drinks, which I choose to believe were from our list - however obviously they might be - the Mockingjay and the Girl on Fire.  

The Capital
What I loved the most about the movie was the pacing - I thought they did a great job setting up the story, going to the Capital (which I thought was clearly influenced by Metropolis), as well as the actual games and the follow-up.  I loved the scenes with the people who operate the cameras, and how it became understood that the cameras were everywhere.  

I hear that a lot of folks who haven't read the book are wrongly assuming that the movie glorifies "kids killing kids", more of the opposite, in fact - although, one creepy aspect was that our crowd did applaude when presumed villains were killed.  That was more than a bit strange, but, people are idiots, what are you gunna do?  L'enfer, c'est les autres.  The best part of our audience was little girls in costume - there was a kid with a bow and arrow that was So. Adorable.  
so angry!

There was also a photo booth in the lobby where you could get a, uhm, commemorative Hunger Games set of pics.  Me and my friend M couldn't resist and we made faces like we were in the movie - here's "Imma kill that guy!"  


Carrie said...

I don't get the photo booth? Was there a Hunger Games backdrop? Did you get a set of 4 pics like an arcade?

Special K said...

Yeah, that's just one of the pics from the strip. There was like a Hunger Games header on it. So funny.

ma said...

Molly does not look like a killer, unless she plans to bake them nice, warm bread and overfeed people till they explode.

Special K said...

I agree! I was looking at that picture and thinking, at most, she seems to be saying, "I'm a little disappointed in you." (:

For me, on the other hand, that's like, how my face looks all the time.