Saturday, March 10, 2012


Well, yesterday I had my foot operated on - it's been bothering me for many months now, and hopefully it will all be behind me soon!  I don't know why it's embarrassing to have a bunion surgery, but it kind of is... I guess it seems kind of "old lady" although my doctor told me it's genetic - and I suppose if you asked one of my favorite old ladies, my grandma, she'd be the one who has the most sympathy for me!

Do you wanna see something crazy?  Look at this prosthetic Egyptian toe from 710BC.


So, I'm just kind of lurching around in a Vicodin haze.  I have a nice pile of DVDs and my mom's coming up to keep me company, and perhaps relieve M of incessant fetching.  Which he is being a real sport about.

I had semi-encouraged M to take a video of me after surgery, just for a kick, really.  It turns out I didn't have an amusing David After Dentist or this poor goofball antics.  I asked my nurse what she thought of parents posting video of their anesthetized children on YouTube and she got pretty fired up about how despicable it is.  It is invasive, but it's also really funny?  I'm conflicted.

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natamused said...

Ouch feetsies!
I feel for you!

My mom had her big toe joint replaced and she said that it hurt a ton afterward. She says it still feels weird like you have to crack it but it won't crack, but it doesn't hurt anymore.