Monday, June 04, 2012


We took a quick trip to LA this weekend to celebrate our friends' K & G's wedding - it was a beautiful wedding ceremony and a fun reception.  K ranks among the 10 Top Gorgeous Brides of All Time, I'd say.  Near the end of the reception she changed into a red satin cheongsam (pronunciation - btw, I've been driving myself crazy the last few days trying to remember what that particular kind of dress is called!)  They're great friends and we were very pleased we could be there to share in the fun day.  

This note was left in our hotel room, which we thought was particularly hilarious.  M and I spent a lot of time asking each other, "Whhhhhhaaaaad're yoooooooouuuuu doing?" a la The Californians - a skit on SNL that gently mocks Angelenos for their propensity to show of their comprehensive knowledge of the LA freeways.  Anyway, be sure to avoid specific substances in your hotel room.

Stay tuned for a few pics on our little camping trip!

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Karen said...

Thanks for the kind words, and we were so happy you guys could come! Hopefully we will see you again before too long, either in Chicago or L.A. :)