Sunday, June 24, 2012

passing time on the couch

kissing ass
I had another procedure done on my left foot on Friday.  Swollen and booted (again!) I spent a lot of time on the couch this weekend, asking M to bring me stuff and watching movies on tv.  Here's what I watched...

Valmont (on demand, free) 1989.  It stars Colin Firth and Annette Bening and is not as good as Dangerous Liaisons.  Meg Tilly uses her big girl voice.  Firth looks creepy in a 17th c. mullet.

2 Days in Paris - starts out as kind of a witty Woody-Allen-type comedy, devolves into shouting.  M walked in and said, "All people do in this movie is TALK!"
even the cat's upset
Chronicle - three stupid boys touch a rock and get super-powers.  They can't really think of anything interesting to do.

Carnage - two sets of parents sit down to have a civilized conversation about their kids' fight.  Society falls apart.  I like when Kate Winslet throws up.

Brave - really enjoyed it.  Is this the first movie about a princess that has nothing to do with how she feels about a boy?  Hallelujah!  And that HAIR.

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Karen said...

I hope you're recovering comfortably! :)