Monday, September 05, 2005

Don't it make the red states blue?

I have found it necessary to weigh in, as all bloggers must, on the situation in New Orleans. I was moved and excited by Mayor Ray Nagin's radio address of Sept. 2 in which he called out President Bush for ignoring the crisis and the total lack or response both before and after the disaster in the south. Wouldn't it be amazing if more politicians spoke from their hearts, instead of in the prepared statements of Scott McClellan? Like everyone else, I was wondering why a federal response to this federal problem took, what? 6 days? When you can DRIVE from Washington DC to New Orleans in 16 hours?!? And it takes their poor beleaguered mayor to break down in tears before he gets some goddamn assistance? There's not a single silver lining to this sad story in which finally even southerners are realizing that the Republican administration does not and never will have the interests of poor Americans on their agenda, even to keep them from dying in droves in the streets of our own damn country. And thank you VERY much, William H. Rehnquist. You couldn't have picked a better time to die so Bush could just dick us one more time in a very bad week.

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