Sunday, September 18, 2005

A whole sack!

Today Mike and I rode our bikes to the Lincoln Park Zoo and we had a great afternoon walking around looking at animals. It was AWESOME! We saw a bat pee, and we saw a bat's penis, which is rather large, and a bat's balls, which are also large, and we saw Naked Moles, and we saw a bunch of mongeese (?) mongooses eat a sack full of dead mice! Then we stood around awkwardly while some parents had to explain the harsh realities of life to their children before they were ready. And we saw a museum dude pick up an armadillo and show us how it rolled into a little bowling ball. And we saw a Drill monkey bare its teeth at another monkey. I saw a snake wind itself into a coil just like a cat lying down for a nap. And we saw a tiny Pied Tamarin which looked into the eyes of everyone at the glass of his habitat. It was like being looked at by... I don't know... an evil sprite. Oh boy, it was exciting. I don't know when I've ever had so much fun at a zoo.

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