Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Going to the dogs

Whoa. I just saw something I never thought I'd see - Martha Stewart on what appeared to be the premier of her new tv show, but not the Apprentice one, displaying a rather nice sense of humor about her Big House experience, and showing her audience what kind of food she used to make in the microwave when she was in the slammer. I guess so, like, if one of her viewers ever finds him or herself in prison, they too can make this stuff. Martha said when she was in prison she bought all this stuff from some kind of cantina, and she had to buy plastic silverware and plastic plates and it sounds like she walked around in the yard picking dandelion leaves and eating them for dinner on white bread. Wouldn't it be funny if the entire show is focused on how to amuse yourself while you're in prison? On accounta, some of the more pessimistic of us might claim that we all live in a prison. Of our own making. You know? Also she brought her dogs on the show, which I thought was kind of wacky in a Sharon Osbourne kind of way. Speaking of Martha's dogs, Michel on the Gilmore Girls named his dogs Paw Paw and Chin Chin, which I think is SO hilarious. I wrote about that on my other blog, last year.

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