Friday, September 09, 2005

I am so angry

A website called Think Progress has posted a timeline of Hurricane Katrina and the absurd activities of the Bush administration. If you're not already steaming mad about Bush continuing his FIVE WEEK vacation (a vacation that I have heard described as something that would make aristrocratic Europeans blush), wait 'til you read about Rumsfeld sitting in the owner's box at a Padres baseball game, Condoleeza Rice buying shoes and taking in a show in Manhattan, and the distractions caused when Bush finally noticed that an American city lies in ruins and trotted down there to tell FEMA director Michael Brown what a good job he was doing. The small amount of pleasure I receive with the knowledge that Condi was booed at Spamalot does nothing to lift the feeling of utter despair I feel when think of a nursing home in New Orleans full of dead bodies, abandoned animals wandering the streets covered in oil and toxins, starving, and the suspicion that no one will pay for their crimes against humanity.


Lyman said...

Let's see; Tenet got the Medal of Honor after botching the 9/11 intelligence, Condi got Secretary of State after botching the Bin Laden memo ... wonder what Brown will get after ruining the response call to New Orleans?

Deevan said...

Thanks for the link! I'll have to read through it later.
In response to Lyman (hello, we've never met, nicetomeetcha, etc.), I think it's pretty obvious that Brownie was gunning for the Congressional Medal of Honor with his resignation.