Monday, January 16, 2006

Colts and Robbers

So, this weekend M and I went to Indiana - to visit his grandmother and mom, and then to visit my family on Sunday. We went to my brother and my new sister-in-law's place and unwittingly found ourselves watching a Colt's game. I bet you never thought you'd find a sporting recap on my blog - but that's what I've got for you, my little cornish hen. I doubt there will be enough sport's information on my blog to fill my own secondary sports blog, like some others have done, but you never know. So, we're watching the game, and I don't know too much about football, and I'm asking my brother a lot of questions. My brother and my dad are like walking rule books of any sport you can imagine. And there's this one moment in the game where this one guy on the other team, the really cute one with long curly hair? He like, leaps over and grabs the ball and rolls on the ground and then he stands up but then he drops the ball. So, then there's this long debate over something, and eventually the umpire says that it's the Colt's ball. And even though my family members are all Colts fans, they agree that it was a bad call. Then, my brother rattles something off that sounds like it came right out the football rule book, something like "...blah blah blah and as a result it should be the stealer's ball." And I'm all impressed. Anyway, then we're watching the game some more, and someone makes another reference to "stealers" and I'm like, "Wait a minute, what is the name of the team that is playing the Colts?" and everyone's like, "Duh, the Stealers." and then it all became clear because I thought they were just referring to them as "the stealers" because they had stolen the Colts balls. See? And we all had a big laugh.

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Indiana Fan said...

they had stolen the Colts' balls

What, and made them the Geldings?

Just a great sentence.

btw, this here sportsdorkus would like to note that the Pittsburgh team is known as the Steelers because of the Pittsburgh-area industry. Not for K, who wouldn't care, but for other readers.