Monday, January 23, 2006


Well, I had a fabulous weekend - on Friday I hung out with my friend J and her baby, E. Or "e" rather. Then M and I saw Underworld, which was deliciously terrible. Then on Sat. we went shopping and then had dinner with the gang, then on Sunday we did some more shopping and then had a margarita while looking out on the snowy streets of Chicago. I've been doing a lot of thinking about Tim Gunn, so much that I hate to tell you how much time I spent perusing the Project Runway website, listening to his podcast and reading his blog. I learned a cool word from one of his entries: croquis - which mean "creative sketching." I like that. He also, was confused by the "tootie" remark. He wrote "...where was the vulgarity? What tooty?" (sic) Indeed. Oh, tootie! Where is thy toot?

My last semester of my master's program starts this week - I'm little nervous, per usual, but also sad, because I really love being in school and I have an idea that it's going to fly by, and also a little overwhelmed, because I want to finish my thesis by May and that's going to be tricky. Eek!

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