Thursday, January 19, 2006

too much tootie

If you're not watching Project Runway, I just don't know WHAT you're watching. And if you don't have a crush on Tim Gunn, I don't know WHO you have a crush on! I wish Tim Gunn would come to my house and say, "Kelly, everything you're doing is FABULOUS." and then I would know that it was true. I make the following PREDICTION: that Santino goes out in a ball of flame in the next few episodes, either because he storms out himself or because he leaps off the runway and starts punching Michael Kors, and gets kicked off, Real World-style. Anyway, it was a relief to see Emmett get the Auf Wiedersehen last night. The dude seriously creeps me out. But something left me confused, so I watched it again in one of Bravo's many replays of the show today - one of the criticisms of Emmett's outfit was that it showed "entirely too much tootie." Urban Dictionary confirms that a "tootie" is, indeed, a vagina. Who knew?

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cait said...

It's the vag? I can't believe it. I won't believe it!! It's a butt, all the way.