Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bad Books/Good TV

I've been having trouble finding a good book lately. The following books had pretty good first chapters but turned me off by chapter two. I might come back to The Queen's Fool when I'm on vacation or something. Funny in Farsi has some interesting cultural details, which I usually enjoy, but I don't like her writing style. It's written like, well... a blog.

I picked up Our Gang because I've recently discovered Philip Roth... the first chapter is really funny, and also eerily prescient re: today's administration (it's about double-speak and political manipulation during the Nixon years), but the joke gets old after about 100 pages.

This book Deafening is going nowhere, but I just read the summary at Powells and it looks like something might happen eventually. I don't know... it's well written, but it's boring. I picked up a copy of Middlemarch the other day so I think that's what I'll hit next. I did really enjoy Silas Marner.

Just finished watching season 2 of Veronica Mars - it wasn't as great as season 1, but it was quite enjoyable. The whole high school thing has really sunk into my brain because the last few nights I've been having these high school dreams - like in one, Mike was my boyfriend and he broke up with me, and it was this whole thing, you know. In one of the last episodes they played this great song called I Hear the Bells by Mike Doughty which I put on my MySpace page (notice my clever rouse to lure you to my page?) I've been listening to that over and over again and fantasizing about being kissed by Logan Echolls. Is that pervy?


Anonymous said...

logan echolls=deeelishious!

Lyman said...

Mike Doughty is one of my favorites. You know he used to be the lead singer in Soul Coughing?

Special K said...

Yeah, I saw on Doughty myspace that he was in that band. I recall liking them but I don't have any of their albums - I think I'll probably pick up some music from them. Do you like that Bells song? I think it's so gorgeous.