Thursday, August 17, 2006

Keep your hands off my ovaries!

Ugh, I just read a couple of gross articles. The first one was about Rabbi Shmuley (whose show I admit I have enjoyed but now boycott FOREVER!) in which he writes that a woman should not breastfeed her child in front of its father because it "de-eroticizes" the breast, which, you know, is apparently just there to scintillate the dude. Furthermore, he says, men shouldn't observe the birth itself from Down There, because then the vagina will be reduced to a "mere birth canal" rather than, you know, the greatest place on earth for his penis to hang out. Listen here, Rabbi Shmuley (if that IS your real name!) women's bodies aren't put on earth to provide a 24 hour fantasy for you. You can take your objectification and shove it up your functional body parts!

Then, I found this creepy business about a Father Daughter Purity Ball. "What we wanted to do was create an event where they could walk into everything that their femininity is about, their beauty, their dress, their makeup and give them a place to dwell on all of that," says one of the Focus on the Family organizers - you know, all those external things, like make-up, that are so important to the self-esteem of 10 year olds! I could easily spend the rest of the day complaining about how disgusting and ineffectual these father/daughter pledges are, and I certainly wouldn't be the only one, but I will point out this hilarious article on the 13% failure rate of an abstinence-only program in a high school in Ohio. That's 65 out of 490 students who ended up preggers because of our country's national standard of "sex ed." It doesn't mention how many ended up with STDs, but I'm pretty damn sure it's higher than 13% if the only mention of condoms had to do with their failure rate.

In other depressing news, Alison got the "auf" last night on PR, and Heidi referred to the model as a "fat Minny Mouse" and Tim Gunn called her a plus-sized model. Yeah, what an effing cow. The dress, by the way, is for sale on Bravo, and here's how it's described: This is the exact design from the Project Runway show tailored to fit the model, sized 0 to 2 and anywhere from 5'10" to 6'2".


Deevan said...

Wasn't it Michael Kors and not our beloved Tim-may who said the plus-sized model thing?

Anonymous said...

It was both of them. I think Tim-bo said she was fat, and then Kors called her "a plus-size." sigh.
SHMULEY! I am SO disappointed in you. I totally want to draw angry faces on my breasts, find him, and flash him. How do you like my erotic bosoms now, Schmuley?!?

Special K said...

Oh, it's on Tim's Podcast were he goes on about her being a "plus size" in hushed terms, kind of like how people refer to cancer.