Friday, August 11, 2006

Tim at Home

Surprising events unfolded on Project Runway the last few weeks - I've been having a good time enjoying the show with friends - last night M. and I dressed in the style of two designers - M. wore a fetching basket on his head a la Vincent, and I made a bubble skirt with a couple of crocheted-grandma-flowers on. Our guests underwhelmed us, in terms of costumes, but I'm sure next week they'll make it work. So, I'm listening to Tim Gunn's podcast right now and I've picked up two essential pieces of information. 1. He has a super and 2. He lives in an apartment. Also, I learned from some obsessive websearching, that he doesn't have a car (specifically, a Saturn Roadster.) Ah yes, this adds neatly up to the little fantasy I have of what Tim Gunn's home life is like - living, I imagine, in a chic Manhattan apartment overlooking the park. And Tim goes home and he announces, "Andre! I'm home!" and then they go out for a nice dinner. Or they order in. Anyway, it's all very sophisticated.


Anonymous said...

What do you think Andrae does all day? I picture silk robes, bon bons, and expressive, eyerolling shock while watching his "stories."

Special K said...

Yes, yes... that's probably right on!