Friday, March 02, 2007

Big week for two sisters

Wed. my sister and bro-in-law brought home a new baby, and that night I flew back to Chicago, and on Thursday M. and I closed on our house! What a week! I have to tell you, after watching a baby being born, handing over a huge check for a house wasn't as daunting as I thought it was going to be. The closing went very smoothly - we listened to the seller's realtor talk about her cats and her lawyer talk about sail boating in the Caribbean (apparently that's all very normal) and then we drove over to our house (our house! OMG!) joking about pot holes and how our property taxes must be going up some county official's nose. We walked around the empty rooms, dreaming about what color we were going to paint, speaking ambitiously about landscaping and shelving and wondering what day the trash goes out. We have a garage! With a garage door opener! And a refrigerator that makes ice! And the freezer door stays closed when you shut it! Then we went to our Local in Andersonville and - what else? Got drunk. ha.

Here's my sis bringing home baby:

Here they're introducing Murphy to the baby:

And this is hilarious - don't freak out, he's just yawning! BTW, we went by the book introducing Murphy to the baby - first I brought home the baby's clothes after he was born and let Murphy smell them so he would know the scent. Then I explained to him that he was going to be the Prince Harry to the baby's Prince William. And how like, you know how Harry has to go to Iraq? It might be like that for a while, but he was still really important and everyone loves him.

And here's the extended family.

and here's MY family in front of our new place:


kbmulder said...

Yeah!! Congratulations all around. That is an amazing week full of life changes. Your house is so cute. Can't wait to visit you there after you get all settled in.

Thanks for sharing the pics, I've been dying for some more!

Kathy said...

Congrats on home ownership! Yeah! I've been dying to know abou the homecoming so thanks for this particular post. Have you noticed how both Lyman and Carrie just seem to be glowing? Wow. Nice timing for both of your big events to coincide....

my Particular familial coincidece is that my second daughter was born the day of Lyman and Carrie's wedding so I couldn't go---but I always think of their wedding, the things I said to Lyman about being a husband, around Anna's bday.

Carrie said...

I am so excited for the two of you and your new home! Get those paint rolling arms ready! Thanks for spreading the love about Milo. You are the best Auntie!