Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Design Remix

My mom came up for a few days and today we painted the dining room. Here's a "before"

and here's the "after"

I don't love the picture of our "after" because it makes the wall color looks kind of boring, but it's actually a really beautiful shade called "Chocolate Froth" that looks like, as my friend C. said, "a coffee milkshake."

Here's another goofy picture of us on the front stoop. The garden is just starting to sprout little buds, it will be very exciting to see what comes up! I'll post pictures of the kitchen as soon as we finish hanging all the cabinets and put the knobs on!

I just love the jokes that come with home improvement. I haven't stopped talking about caulk since we moved in. Then we bought a studfinder - hilarious. Unparalleled joy to discover the screw on the new sconces we installed was called... a nipple!


kbmulder said...

Awesome!! Yes, home improvement words are hilarious. We just had to replace a "sump pump" whatever that is. Your dining room is beautiful, I can tell the color difference, but I know the camera flash doesn't always show the true color.

Caitlin said...


Special K said...

Yes! While we were talking about caulk and studfinders, my mom looks up from her magazine and innocently asked, "What do cocks have to do with home improvement?"

Dawn said...

I can practically hear you giggling about the caulk and nipples. The house is sooo cute. I definitely have house envy.