Monday, March 05, 2007

Movies, good and bad

This morning I watched Babel and last night I watched 2001's Iris - I'm going to write about Iris over on my book blog if you're interested in that. I thought it was really stunning and beautiful, while Babel was just another movie that's really depressing and therefore "deep" and "Oscar-worthy" apparently. God, I'm so sick of those movies (which is why If I Picked the Oscars TM, Borat would win.) Babel didn't show me anything I didn't already know, breifly outlined:
  • I hate guns
  • No one should handle guns, especially children
  • Mexican/American border relations are all cocked up
  • Brad Pitt is totally hot

    In other news, I've finally set myself up with what I believe is called an RSS or an RRS or something. Anyway a certain husband kindly tested a few out himself and decided that Google Reader was a good one - if you read a lot of blogs, like me, you can set up the reader to list all new postings of the blogs you read, that way you don't have to go from blog to blog looking for new content.

    Kathy said...

    I tried out Google Reader once. I felt I was missing...something. Like what if Lyman made a snappy retort to someone's comments on a post that wasn't "new"? Would I miss it? I hate missing snappy retorts!

    Rob brought home Babel and The Departed. I had to act excited but I'm not.

    If you had to pick between Brad Pitt, John Mayer or Ben Affleck for a fling-partner, who would you choose? Its a quandry. You should take your time considering it before answering...

    Carrie said...

    Brad Pitt is hot; that Angleina has it made. If I were shot by two unsupervised boys while on vacation, I would want to almost die in his arms.

    Special K said...

    Yeah, that's the drag, you miss everyone else's comments. Oh, it's Mr. Pitt, I don't have to think about it.

    Lyman said...

    John Mayer in a walk.

    Kathy said...

    After a long night's consideration, I'll have to go with John Mayer, too.