Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Life Camp

Last night I saw Janice Dutts Goes To Life Camp at the Factory Theatre. It's written by a friend, Laura McKenzie, who is also the lead. It's in the same vein as McKenzie's Funk Cloud: Fight the Stank! from a few years ago - dealing with alienation and media overload/desensitization. Laura's a great writer, and I really loved parts of her play, especially the songs and dances - although in a way it really depressed me. It's about this women who finds herself at a "Life Camp" being manipulated by a Life Coach and a bunch of idiots who show her how to "make connections." I just thought, Gee, there's two kinds of people in this world, people who Get It and people who Don't Get It, and we're all doomed.

You know when someone's talking to you, and they're an idiot, and you're like, staring daggers at them, and you're giving them nothin', but they keep going, and they're like, saying your name over and over again, and they clearly just got out of a week-long seminar on how to "close"? Ugh! Those people just Don't Get It! Well, I had a recent icky experience with just such a mattress salesman, so I'm all embittered. But I do love my new bed.

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