Monday, March 12, 2007


This weekend we had a marathon painting session at our new house. My mom was a huge help - she's a master of all things interior and came up to teach us a bunch of neat painting tricks and help us bang out three rooms in one day! (Also had some great help from friends DeBordian Perruque and Sweetkealoha - THANKS GUYS!) I'll post some before and after shots soon, if you don't see them first in Architectural Digest (it looks that good!) Everything looks so great, and I'm really inspired to knock out the rest of the house soon. We picked a very daring bright green for the kitchen, which, initially applied resembled yellow highlighter. I was thinking, "Honeydew is a honey-DON'T!" hahaha (I couldn't help myself!) But, it mellowed. It looks like a shiny granny smith apple in there.

Last night we watched Stranger than Fiction. I liked the beginning a lot, and I loved the GUI interface-like thing (it was made by this company called MK12 - I really dig their aesthetic - it's like a really sophisticated version of this) but I thought the ending was a little weak. I mean, what it essentially came down to was whether life is more important than art, and, to me, it's a stupid question. And, although radiant, as usual, I couldn't figure out what purpose Queen Latifa's character filled. There are a couple of interesting extras on the dvd - one about the aforementioned GUI, and another about Chicago. I only realized the film took place in Chicago when Will Farrell's character ran through Daly Plaza by the Picasso, and I was like, "I didn't know there was a matching statue in NY!" It was interesting, because usually Chicago movies show the same ol' landmarks, but this movie chose really interesting locations and showed a whole different side of the city.

Our 10 year old television rather inconveniently played it's last ANTM last week, never to return (it was like "No... more... Tyra...") Now we're trying to figure out how to recycle a tv in Chicago (anyone?) but NOT, btw, missing any tv, since everything's online anyway! Awesome! Check out Andy Barker, PI - there are like 4 episodes online. If the cancellation of Arrested Development left an aching hole in you, prepare to have it filled (and, Buster's in it! Also Fake Francy, from Alias. Back when it was good. Mike says to me, why Fake Francy, why not just Francy? But, I don't know, she looks more like Fake Francy to me.) And, if that doesn't do it for you... how about: Cats that Look Like Hitler ("Kitler"?) and Cats in Sinks.


Deevan said...

whether life is more important than art, and, to me, it's a stupid question

That is a stupid question. But that wasn't I got out of the end of the movie. To me, it was a question about the creation of art itself, and whether you are trying to say something true OR something inspiring. Not that you can't do both in many mediums. Good books (and movies even moreso) are so totalizing in experience, but yet it is the ending of a book or film is what determines the statement of the whole artistic piece.

And to me, I thought the end of the StF recognized that art that takes into account humor and redemption can be good as well as art that recognizes the brutal nature of death and sorrow in life. Kinda like what you were saying earlier about the oscars always overlooking the importance of humor.

Anyway, I've always said that I prefer narratives of redemption and inspiration to statements of fear and loss. That I get enough of in the news. So maybe I'm reading in my own agenda to the end of the movie, but I liked what Emma Thompson said about artists rewarding goodness with redemption. Or whatever.

Special K said...

Yes, I loved what Emma Thompson's character said at the end of the movie - I like the way you looked at this movie - I guess I was seeing it much more pessimistically.

Lyman said...

Funny, Carrie and I watched the movie this weekend as well.

Made me want to read the book because I know Palahniuk wouldn't have written a sappy ending like that.

kbmulder said...

Andy does have void in his heart where Arrested Development used to be. We Tivo that show 4 times a day on G4 and watch reruns all the time. I will tell him about Andy Barker. Anything with Buster is good!

Special K said...

L - I think Palahniuk's book of the same name is not related. I just checked Amazon and the listing says it's a book of short stories and none seems related. Although the disgusting way the novelist puts out her cigs is very Palahniukian.

Caitlin said...

OH GOD LYMAN!! That book is HORRIBLE and unrelated. And I LIKE Palahniuk.

That said, maybe it's because we're hitched, but I loved that movie for the same reasons Deevan did. :)

And your house looks fantastic!!