Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New York and back to reality*

Here are a few pics from our trip to NY. This is Milo on his first ever subway ride, since they're back in LA, I'm guessing PT won't be a big part of his life, but he looked pretty comfortable.

And here's moi and M. standing outside Central Park:
Ha! I read this really dopey article in People magazine about how "the stars" are wearing "summer scarves". I had no idea I was being so hip in my effort to stay warm.

I arranged a galley tour one day with what I thought were guaranteed crowd pleasers: Takashi Murakami at Gagosian, some Joseph Cornell at Zoubok, and the show that's getting a ton of press right now, and was quite beautiful: Picasso, Braque and Early film in Cubism at Pace Wildenstein. Everything was pretty much universally reviled (except by myself and a certain loyal husband).

In other news, think I finished up all the series and season finales of the shows I watch (oh, no, I think there's a couple of Heroes I haven't seen, even though I hate that show). Last night was Veronica Mars, which was a disappointing ending to a disappointing season. I was into all the rumors that if the show got renewed, it'd be a flash forward to Veronica working for the FBI, but I guess we'll never see that. It seems the Curse of College has hit again. Which makes me wonder, why do we, as a society, hate watching shows about college kids? Perhaps it's because we have little tolerance for ridiculously thin young women breezing through Yale and getting a job following Barack Obama on the campaign trail! I mean, it's just so UNREALISTIC! So, if you watched the series finale of The Gilmore Girls, you know what I'm talking about. At least we were saved all that doe-eyed mooning on V.Mars.

* by "reality" I mean, of course, television.


kbmulder said...

I would go on your gallery tour any time. Andy and I just went to the Philadelphia Art Museum a few weeks ago.

Heroes was a little anti-climactic for me, but I'll let you judge for yourself. Real World Denver Reunion is on tonight. Woo hoo!

Devin said...

I thought the very last episode of Veronica Mars was pretty great. The last couple of episodes before it were not great -I'll grant you- but that last hour I thought was just pure V-Mars-love triangle/Noir/delicious repartee.

On the other hand, Gilmore Girls' putrescent corpse had been stumbling around for a couple of years making a mockery of what was once at least decent dialogue, but now... I couldn't even watch the finale. What I heard of it from the other room was gag-inducing enough.

And while it was on, I thought Buffy at college was taking too long on silly issues, but looking back at the 4th-6th seasons on their whole, I see now that Television is just a terrible medium. I mean, TV is great as it gives you time to get to know characters and see them develop- unlike movies- but the scheduling where they don't show two new episodes in two consecutive over the course of the winter makes the narrative founder on the toughest to consume topics, or arguably lengthens the weakest points.

But V-Mars & Arrested Development both went down the drain in no small part to marketing. Perception is the name of the game, and when you have people who aren't smart enough to get the dialogue in charge of choosing the marketing campaigns, you're always going to have demographic problems in your viewership. Numbers may not lie, but perception sure as hell does.

Carrie said...

Sorry I didn't like you tour- Cornell 's stuff creaps me out. In the art world that makes it exciting I'm sure, but I wouldn't buy it to hang in my home. There were 2 floors of Murakami. The floor I saw (changing a diaper on the other floor) I didn't like at all. However, as always happens, when Special K explained what I saw and why the paintings were done as they were, I appreciated them much more. I "appreciated" but didn't like. Milo liked the film in the Picasso exhibit. We're going to have to turn the tube off with that one. He loves TV!

Kathy said...

I think I'd have loved that gallery tour! I'm surprised Lyman didn't though...or was he not along?

Special K said...

L. couldn't make it, unfortunately.

Oh, Carrie! Don't you know in my secret Art Historian Club we love nothing better than making fun of people who judge art by what they would or wouldn't hang on their walls? tsk tsk. (: