Thursday, May 24, 2007

Weekend Edition

Here's a couple of movies I won't be watching! 1. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 - come ON! I've been a nay-sayer of the franchise since the beginning, and at this point it's just getting ridiculous. But not quite as ridiculous as 2. Ocean's 13, starring George Clooney as George Clooney! In quiet moments the last few days, when not completely going off my nut over these insane right wingers who claim that this new pill which allows women to avoid periods (PS, all pills are like that, you can just skip the placebo) will "blur gender" because uh, periods make us women? Look, if I start writing about how stupid that is, I'll never stop. Where was I? Oh yes, I amuse myself by imagining the cast of Ocean's 28. Here's what I got:
George Clooney
Brad Pitt
Kris Kristofferson
Brad Pitt
Matt Damon
Ben Affleck
Cassie Affleck
Bobbie Affleck (a second cousin)
Elliott Gould
Don Cheadle
Andy Garcia
Carl Reiner
Colonel Sanders
Shaobo Qin
Burt Reynolds
John Travolta
Dom DeLuise
Chris Tucker
Ted Knight
John Goodman
John Turturro
Gene Hackman
Ned Beatty
that Shia LaBeouf person
Crispin Glover
Daniel Radcliffe (in nude scene)
Julia Roberts


kbmulder said...

Oh no! Those crazy women are now going to dominate their world without their periods. I'm surprised the government passed this drug:)

Kathy said...

It gives me the willies to think of manipulating women's bodies that way. No one enjoys being menstrual, but I think its a pretty bad idea to screw with your body like that. There's no way the FDA can really understand the long term implications of doing that.

Don't you guys get the idea that behind the whole idea is a bunch of men saying, "ewwww... it's so gross they have periods!"?

Carrie said...

I was actually involved in a conversation a few years back (must have been undergrad dorm talk) where some girl said her gyn. told her to always skip the placebo and not have a period. The doctor's contention was that today's women have too many periods because we're not pregnant enough like women of centuries past who were trying to build up the population and make their families survive. Not pregnant enough- that idea makes you head swim. Also, what's wrong with having a period each month if that's the way the cycle goes?

Special K said...

Well, any woman who suffers from difficult periods can tell you what's wrong with it.

Kathy said...

Agreed, K, that dysmennorrhea is a compelling reason to manipulate periods--speaking as a woman who had a hysterectomy for that reason. Of course if you're not finished with your reproductive life, that can't be an option.

I think I'm going to dig into this a bit more now reading what Carrie reports vis. excess menstruation... god, evolution is so sllooooowww. I still have the heebiejeebies about this---I just think there are some things you shouldn't screw with...ooops, sorry about that. Inadvertent.

I just think that there must surely be risks associated with this extreme manipulation of cycle; I think if there's a medical reason to do so, OK but the patient needs to be advised of the choice being made. What I haven't heard is what that risk is. I'm concerned it can't be known yet.

I won't make any jokes in poor taste about 50 years of Merck-, Baxter, Glaxo-Smith-Kline- sponsored population based studies in third world countries to find the answer just now...