Sunday, April 06, 2008


My friends, the unthinkable has happened and I am once again gainfully employed! I couldn't be happier. A long period of loneliness and couch-potato-ness comes to an end, and now I shall once again be a hard-working, disposable-income earning Special K of days gone by. I'm going to be working at the local university, as a "Training Specialist". I can't thank my good friend DeBordian Perruque enough, because he hipped me to the opening, then very kindly told glorious tales of my ability to multi-task, how well I work with others, and of my striking penmanship.
Me, on the way to my interview

Had a great weekend, celebrating my new job with friends, celebrating the b-day of the very sweet Sweethealoha, and today, mucking about in the garden, raking and rejoicing over the tiny buds that are finally sprouting up. The weather in Chicago was absolutely amazing this weekend, and everyone (including us) has been going crazy running around outside. Mostly we looked like grizzly bears emerging from our caves, grumpily rubbing the sleep from our eyes, unshaven, with twigs hanging in our hair, trying to find someone to feed us brunch at a sidewalk cafe.

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clterry said...

I am so happy for you. Is this part of your teaching job also?

I'm also glad all of the snow has melted and you can get outside to see your flowers budding.

Caitlin said...

Yay yay yay!!
Our Special K is so awesome!!!

(Thanks for coming to my Birthday party -- and you're going to get a much bigger thank you soon, for the fantastic gift!!!)

Laura W. said...

YEA!!! A heartfelt congrats! Let me know how your commute is everday. =)

Laura W. said...

Oh, btw.. I LOVE the colors of your blog now. Very hopeful and spring-like!

kbmulder said...

YIPPEEEE!!! Hope you have fun next week at your new job!!!

Kathy said...

yowza! No wonder they hired you!

Google's Zurich digs look GREAT!

utopian-camorra said...

You're going to rock this job, and J. is going to be so glad to have you working there.
Thanks for the shout-out, but no thanks are necessary, as I think it'll be a good fit for both of you. I certainly didn't tell them anything untrue.
The weekend was pretty fun, but I've been paying the price since. I can't believe we got 25 people in our tiny apartment!

DAD said...

My daughter the working Lady, Congratulations!!!!! You'll be a great training spec., and you will be getting a paycheck also, now that is FUN! You'll love it, and they'll all love you also! Specking of Love....Love ya, DAD

piebuko said...

hi. I came across your blog. Congrats with the new job. Where's the blond hair?