Monday, April 21, 2008


My parents came to visit over the weekend to see a Cubs game with us - but we really lucked out because (once again!) they helped us with our out-of-control yard. Such digging and tilling and replanting you have never seen.

The Cubs game was fun - and ridiculously cold, even though we were experiencing a relative heat wave of mid-60s weather. The crowd was crazy, and we had a great time screaming and shouting and singing along with everyone. Here we all are:

You've got to head over to me da's (much ignored) blog for a very interesting story of his celebrity encounter!!


clterry said...

Oh, it looks chilly! It was probably that chilly the noc we saw Dave and Penny at the Indians game in IN on a Monday noc, except Dave gets to sit inside a warm room at the Indians stadium.

Happy you all had a great time and got some yard work done.

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dad said...

What a Great week-end, had a wonderful time with Mike & Kelly, yes there was yard work done, the two breakfasts' that we consumed where very good (don't know if I have ever been with someone and they asked for a doggybag for breakfast food, our table just wasn't big enough for all the food!), and the Afgan dinner,very nice!!!....and then there was the Cub's games, I got to go to two of them, saturday and sunday's game. The Cubs where rockin' this past week-end, won 3 games, won 3 to 2 on friday, and scored 13 runs in each game over the week-end. GO CUBS!!!! You know what? We'll have to come back for more. Love Dad

dad said...

Oh by the way....What a great picture, 4 happy people, just doesn't get any better than that!