Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Somebody stop me!

I just can't stop blogging about American Idol. What is wrong with me? (Last night M said, "Blogs are so 2005." and I said, "Blogs are forever!" and M. said, "I'm going to write that on a t shirt and give it to you." Now I really want that t-shirt!) My sister rather astutely pointed out that when Randy doesn't like a song, he'll ask them a question like, "How you doing tonight, dawg?" instead of "Listen up, dawg..." She was dead right on that one, folks. Re: last night's American Idol, all I can say is "How you doing?" I thought pretty much every single song kind of sucked for this one reason: No one can sing a Dolly Parton song like Dolly Parton. Her voice is just so sweet and perfect and full of expression, I'm crazy about her.

Last night really exemplified that je ne sais pas of the difference between a good cover and mere karaoke, 'cause I thought all those songs just sounded like karaoke. IMHO, there are only two covers that come close to being good covers of her songs - the ridiculous and dated I Will Always Love You by Whitney, who nevertheless knocks it out of the park at the end, and a Jolene, by Mindy Smith from this dumb album called Just Because I'm a Woman, which is a bunch of people singing Dolly Parton's best songs not half as well as Dolly.

Viva la Dolly!


Kathy said...

Dolly is underrated, I think; Brook's performance last night really pointed out that an apparently simple ditty like Jolene is one tough melody to pump out. You're absolutely right.

Oh, M just wishes he had started a blog in 2005. Love my blog, love yours, love very many. i want a shirt.

dad said...

I'm a Dolly fan also!

Carrie said...

I mostly agree, but I loved Irish Carly's performance. I watched it twice on my DVR. I don't like the format at all this year of covering an artist. Is that the format for the next 9 weeks? It was better before when they were just a mentor.

clterry said...

I agree with Carrie, b/c who can sing better than Dolly, obviously no one. I hope the next few weeks aren't like this. Actually I haven't watch that many this year all of the way thru b/c of it.

Anonymous said...

Ma said: You look so fabulous in your pic "on the way to interview" but I'm wondering where went Brad's Blonde Beauty? Did she exit during the luau? Maybe it is a trick of the lighting? Many hugs and thanks to that special friend with the shout-out-helping hand - it is the sort of thing to make a mother's heart sing.