Saturday, May 03, 2008

Iron Man

Last night we saw Iron Man. M liked it, but I thought it was pretty stupid. But, I like Robert Downey Jr so much that I still had a lot of fun. That and I had a cocktail before the movie. Seems like a lot of people were questioning his super-hero-starring ability, but, despite being over-manscaped, he looked hot. I really liked the beginning, because I don't know from Iron Man, and his character was (to me) just some sort of rock star character in Afghanistan, joking around with soldiers. Then he has to wear some kind of dope-ass heart charger, and that's when things started getting stupid. The heart battery is apparently a major part of the conceit of the 1963 comic by Stan Lee, but I didn't think the translation to today was very elegant.

I lovelovelove Gweneth Paltrow in Shakespeare in Love and The Royal Tenenbaums, but after reviewing her filmography in imdb, I'm forced to admit that she's not the great actress I like to think she is. At the very least, she's made some really bad choices. Sad to report, she has zero chemistry with Downey Jr in this movie, and it ain't RDj's fault.

Ooo - just got Fur from Netflix with RDj and Nicole Kidman - more on that after I watch it!


clterry said...

Brian, Sean and Lane all went yesterday to Ironman, I opted to go do something alone after I got off work. But anyways, they loved it. I guess Sean rocked out at the end with the song. Kind of sorry I missed it, but I got 2 new dresses.

Special K said...

yeah, that was the best part - at the end, they played that Black Sabbath (right?) song and the whole audience went crazy - mostly pretending we were playing Guitar Hero. (:

clterry said...

I was looking at this blog this morning and told Sean that you and Mike saw Ironman too. I read him a small part of what you wrote. I couldn't read the dope-ass part. But he laughed when I read the part about how it really got stupid and he laughed. So I asked him why he thought you didn't like the heart charger and here is his response.

Sean thinks you didn't like the heart charger b/c it shocks IronMan. Ironman said don't let the string touch the side.

mike r said...

Yes, Black Sabbath, although that was some kind of cover or remix.