Tuesday, May 27, 2008

High Street

M and I spent a romantic weekend in Galena - it's the only place outside of Chicago that seems to be worth going to in Illinois. It's a very unusual town for this area - it's built on a hill - the only hill in Ill., and there are old flood gates to guard the town from floods (or maybe drown them all, I'm not sure) and President Grant is from there, and some other president too, apparently, and there are tons of little touristy shops and ice cream parlors and whatnot.

We stayed at a faux Irish pub/hotel, but the drinks were fine...
Here we are on "High" Street - the top of the hill. Imagine you walk all the way up to your street and then you have to climb the stairs up to your house? Right? Oh, and we laughed for 10 years at the address 420 High Street. No kidding.


dad said...

What a GREAT time you must have had! You two looked so Happy! Eating, shopping, walking and Cold Beer, it just doesn't get any better than that! Must be one wonderful lil' town to visit. Enjoy your week at home, and remember the good times. Love Dad

Kathy said...

that's a happy looking couple! Nice weekend!

Did someone say cold beer? Yummmm.

kbmulder said...

Oh, what a neat place. I love little towns like that. Do you remember going to Madison with us when you were little? All the neat old architecture reminds me of Madison.
What character! Looks like you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Love it, High St. I bet they have the greatest party the third week of Apirl! Nothing but brownies and Tea.

BT in Indy