Thursday, May 22, 2008

What's going on? (and I say ahey-a-a-a-a)

It's been a while since I rapped at ya, I know you've missed it, and I don't like it either. After a long day computering, I really don't want to spend all night on my laptop (or the phone, for that matter, if you have an outstanding unreturned phone call), but I'm missing out on some valuable online companionship. I finally broke down and got a Facebook account, and it turns out the whole world's over there on Facebook, doing God knows what. Half of my friends were like, Good lord, where have you been? And the other half said, Ha ha! Join us in the total destruction of mankind! Made me feel kind of ookie.

I did immediately find the old adage of Facebook being more "white collar" than the "blue" MySpace to be true, if judging only by the decreased number of former graduates from my high school who describe themselves as nothing more than "momma" and "Nascar fan" and claim to be "living it up in Florida" and post quizzes like What Kind of Chevy Should You be Rollin' in?

Anyway, I sort of hate MySpace and Friendster and Facebook because, for one thing, there's just going to be another one in a year or so, and then I'll have to sign up for that and remember a new username and password and put a new picture up and locate all my friends again and it's a major P.i.t.A. I relish the those days of yore when we just emailed each other, and were happy about it.


Kathy said...

blah blah blah---answers none of our burning questions about what the heck you HAVE been doing...

nice to see ya, though!

kbmulder said...

Oh yes, you have been missed. This from the blogger who never blogs. So, I haven't checked out Facebook yet. Is it just a preppier version Myspace. Think I should get an account?

Entering the teaching world, I'm a little worried about being out there in the social networking world. One wrong comment, post, or picture and I could be ousted from a position (or so I have read and heard). I might have to create an alias!

Caitlin said...

I think Facebook might seem more white collar because up until recently, it was specifically a "tool" for college students. They've only recently opened up to the rest of us schlubs.

edr said...

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and forget about that computer work for a few days; by the way; is your grass growing in the front yard? and are your flowers lookin' good in the back yard? Have Mike get the grill out and cook some brats and burgers and of course have a few cold ones!....How about those Cubs? Do you think Danica can win the 500? What do your friends think?......And don't forget...VOTE HILLARY!!!!!.......and by the way, what in the HECK have you been doin'? (I'm BLUE!)

clterry said...

I have been missing your blogs. I look at it about every other day to see what has been posted. I don't blame you for not wanting to be on the computer at noc. You need to enjoy some time with Mike.

I've been waiting for a new blog about A.I. I was so glad David Cook won.

Was that Dave asking about your yard? I'm a waiting some new pics.
Have a great weekend.