Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kelly likes to...

Have y'all heard about this Google game? You type "YerName likes to" in Google, then you laugh at the results. Here are mine:

Kelly likes to wear green unitards.

Kelly likes to super size everything she orders.

Kelly likes to steal bikes from random kids.

Kelly likes to be needed, as well as to cherish and protect her loved ones, of whom she is somewhat possessive.

Kelly likes to ride naked shotgun.

Kelly likes to mix pleasure with business.

and my personal favorite:

Kelly likes to open the book of Proverbs and share its practical advice with others.

ps - check out the new Top Five!


clterry said...

Connie likes to play basketball

Connie likes to do her homework

Connie likes to sing all over the house, but never at school.

Connie likes pigeons (dove?)

Connie likes to cook Italian while listening to Rod Stewart

Connie likes screwball romantic comedies

And my favorite:
Connie likes to tell the story of one special night

dad said...

So I have a daughter that likes to ride shotgun "naked"!; and a niece that likes to talk about "one special night"!; wonder what my other daughter's top 5 is! (I guess my son could have a "TOP 5" also, we'll have to wait and see...wonder what my 'TOP 5' is! (I'll have to work on that)

Caitlin said...

Caitlin likes to go out fast and gain position on the other runners so she can be in good position at the end.

>true story.

Caitlin Likes:. Musical notes, The Berenstain Bears and My Little Ponies; bright, chubby pencils and kittens and puppies

>I do like bright chubby pencils!

Caitlin likes my sheep.

>Actually, sheep make me uncomfortable.

Caitlin likes the bad boys.

>just ask Devin!

My favorite:
Caitlin likes to know what's coming up.

PS -- whilst performing this search, I came upon an "No one likes Caitlin" petition. Isn't that so mean? Apparently, she's an attention seeking, fat, 2 chinned anorexic, though. As well as a b&tch.
Who DOESN'T hate that?

mike r. said...

Mike Likes To Whip Stuff

Mike likes to grunt to indicate his pleasure/displeasure.

Mike likes to say, "Sometimes we rock and sometimes we roll."

Mike likes to meet new people at urinals.

Mike likes to keep up to date with current news in coal mining.

Mike likes to build with blocks and he builds robots with Legos.

Kathy said...

Kathy likes the cold chill of the dancing snowflakes

"Kathy likes to participate in any project, so long as she gets to talk." (guilty, as charged, your honor).

Kathy likes to play center... (actually, I've contemplated it some...)

Kathy suffers from, “I Would Rather Play Than Work Disease” (well...duh!)

kathy likes to laugh. kathy is annoying. (apparently this observer has no sense of humor)

Eh-hem. Do you think somebody is watching us?

Indiana Fan said...

Ignoring the super-lame youtube parodies ("devin likes to steal my lead"), these are the results:

Devin likes echoes, reverb and other effects.

(true, in moderation)

Devin likes playing against an indifferent defense.

(very true)

Devin Likes to Party


Devin likes to read


And finally, there is this fine site dedicated to the topic:

Anonymous said...

Brian from Indy

Brian likes the retro look

Brian likes to skip

Brian likes it rough

Brian likes gay-indie pop
Brian likes women's assholes
And my favorite...
Brian likes a beer and a pink tent

Jason Messinger said...

The Name JASON was especially rich.
Here is a link to a listing

d00dpwn1337 said...

This page now ranks #2 on google for "Kelly likes", and is on the first page of google results for "Mike likes".

Mike likes to go to warehouse raves and sometimes he takes pictures

Mike Likes to get Bricked in the Mouth

Mike likes to hike.