Sunday, November 02, 2008

Beer then liqueur...

Last night we had our annual Halloween Party - the theme was: That Which You Despise. True to form, there was a large contingent of various types of uber-conservatives, including a right-wing pundit, a televangelist and a south-side Irisher. (I heart my friends!) M was a mosquito, and I think one of the best costumes was my friend G who was badly sunburned.
Not long ago my neighbor was throwing aways all kinds of stuff in the alley and I scored a couple of cool things like a chair I'm going to recover one day and this little, bright orange, plastic faux coo-coo clock. The minute I saw it I thought, that would make an awesome Halloween decoration if it were totally spray-painted black! And, it did. I'm kicking myself for forgetting to take a "before" pic because you would not believe how ugly this thing was!
We also found these nifty stickers to put on bottles at the dollar store - aren't they great? Oh, check out Top Five to put in your two cents about Halloween Costumes!


dad said...

That must've been one great party! Did the Truth Serum bring out anything that someone is regretting they said the other night?....Also, did anyone show up that is known to be SAMMY TERRY?...OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Indiana Fan said...

I tried to comment on this earlier, but my Firefox freaked out on me.

Basically I said: Best Halloween party I've ever been to- drinking, campfire smores, dancing, acting like a pompous ass (at least acting like a different one), dancing, and ROCK BAND!!!

You host a mean party!

btw, folks, that's rum'n'coke in that espresso cup.

clterry said...

I love M- the mosquito!

The clock looked great too! I thought it was decoration that you bought.

Where's your outfit?