Saturday, November 08, 2008

I gotta update my map!

Boo ya! Rock it, North Carolina! I love this map - it's so much less isolating than it's been the last, long, 8 years. I got my eye on you, Missouri! And, you can suck my balls, hate states!

In silly news, what seems to be all over the news is what kind of dog the Obamas should get for their kids. Now I can barely wait to find out if they adopt a rescue or not. I'm quite anti-breed dog, if you didn't know. One time my boss asked me, Wouldn't we completely lose breeds of dogs if people stopped breeding? I guess they would, I thought. But, I don't care.

All week I've been trying to recapture that Ol' Wednesday Feelin'. The black-spot on the election for me is that Prop 8 passed in California. Supposedly the Mormon Church was a major financial backer of lobbying for that amendment. I'm also anti-political churches, although I think it's nearly impossible for most churches to remain neutral. Anywho, churches that preach politics really should lose their tax-exempt status.

When I'm not occupying myself with this very important information, I've been reading Postcards From Yo Momma - maybe my mom will leave a comment that I can send in. (It might have something to do with balls...)


KHM said...

suck my balls: holy moly LOL!

Prop8, LDS: don't get me started on those guys and there efforts to turn this country into their theocracy and then, I'm sure, the whole world!

Postcards frm yo mama : fab!

This is a great paced, balanced post!

Special K said...

Why thank you! That's just what I was telling my husband! (:

KHM said...
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KHM said...

grrr... "their" not "there".

Ok, so on the dog breed score... I can appreciate your position but I don't really share it. While I'm opposed to the kinds of "puppy mill" breeding that happens and I would prefer that every dog without a home would find one, it is very difficult to know what needs to be known about a mature dog before they are brought into a home with kids. The value of breeding, in my estimation, is the ability to know a good deal about your new pet's temperament and needs. Its much more difficult, if not impossible, to retrain a mature dog than it is to encourage desired behaviors and discourage others in a pup with certain predispositions by virtue of breed.

We've had our hearts broken here no fewer than three times when we attempted to bring a rescue canine in. Jackie was neurotic like hell and actually wore grooves in my hard wood floors pacing about trying to make sure everyone was OK and in their places; she had been badly treated and was just a psycho mess. Lucy, a fantabulous shepherd was constantly nipping at neighborhood children (and our own kids as well) trying to "round them up"---and once grabbed a neighbor boy by the seat of his pants in an attempt to get him back where she thought he belonged. Had we adopted her as a puppy, we could have convinced her to limit her herding efforts to dust bunnies and squirrels but there was just no way to make her believe she didn't need to be in charge of the kidlings. Cute...but undesirable and perhaps a liability risk.

In the end, I think it WOULD be problemmatic if breeds all melded into one... the particular traits and abilities have evolved for good reason in their natural habitats. Perhaps our problem is that of making purely domestic companions of them and thereby removing them from their natural environs...but that hardly seems likely as humans and canines live together so happily.

Lyman said...

Nothing makes me more happy then a blue Indiana. And the way I see it, I'm going to re-capture that Wednesday November 5 feeling as much as possible between now and Jan.

When Obama said he's probably going to adopt a "mutt like me" I cheered. I've been calling myself a mutt for years. Awesome!

And I find it hilarious that the Mormon church feels the need to step in on marriage rights considering that church was itself a victim of political persecution last century.