Tuesday, June 09, 2009


You know what never ceases to amaze me? How many people choose to live their lives like complete a-holes. It's like, no where in the path of life do certain people (you all know 'em!) slam on the brakes and, you know, turn around the jerk train.

*shakes it off*

I just watched the pilot of Glee and it's GD awesome. It's on hulu if you missed it. So what if they're totally ripping off Election? It's a really good movie.

I've also been listening to that Adele cd, 19, on permanent replay on my 'pod. My fave is "Best for Last" - OMG, that gal can sing! I also really love "Right as Rain".

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kbmulder said...

Love this show! My mom turned me on to it. I love how they show choir up all those pop songs, even if they are inappropriate. Can't wait until next season.