Monday, June 01, 2009


I was surprised to see another Pushing Daisies on my DRV last night - I thought we'd seen the last of that show. The best part was Kristin Chenoweth singing Hello. I've watched it like 6 times. I think this second season is really weak, esp. compared to the first, but I have to hand it to them with the costumes, the covers, and just plain being original.

Been very upset about the murder of Dr. George Tiller by what is nothing less than terrorism. What I find so hypocritical is how many anti-choice groups are condemning the murder, but, meanwhile, they promote this type of violence with their politics of hate. If they really condemned his murder they wouldn't stand for the everyday harassing and denigrating of the women and men who work, volunteer, support and fight for women's rights.

One of the many things I despise about the anti-choice extremists is that they don't give two shits about decreasing abortions. If they did, they'd actually support safe sex and organizations like Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of reproductive health care in the US. What they're more interested in doing is degrading the rights of women and promoting a culture of fear and shame. The murder of Dr. Tiller, in his church, exposes them for what they are.


Lyman said...

The Tiller murder has me saddened as well. It's the embodiment of yet another hypocrisy of the right wing. They won't allow sex education and prevention, they would prefer our gov't force women into the decision of having kids, then once they are born they want to deny gov't aid and welfare to them. Its so insane. Hopefully all of the hate rhetoric (see McCain's use of the term "pro-abortion" during one of the debates) will stop.

Indiana Fan said...

"If they did, they'd actually support safe sex and organizations like Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of reproductive health care in the US."

Agreed. Shaming people into not using birth control has been an abject failure in preventing unplanned pregnancies.

Hopefully, this horrible murder provokes law enforcement into *doing their job* when women's health clinic are threatened or attacked.

Special K said...

thanks for backing me up, dudes - this is one of those posts where after I wrote it, was all... hmmm... maybe I shouldn't run around calling people terrorists online.

Indiana Fan said...

I agree in generally toning down hyperbole. It doesn't advance reasoned arguments well, at all.

However, I think it is interesting that the intimidation and violence towards womens' clinics isn't understood in our national debate very well.

To wit, from Ann Friedman at the American Prospect:
"According to the National Abortion Federation, since 2000 abortion providers have reported 14 arsons, 78 death threats, 66 incidents of assault and battery, 117 anthrax threats, 128 bomb threats, 109 incidents of stalking, 541 acts of vandalism, one bombing, and one attempted murder.
Add one murder to the list"

As Andrew Sullivan also noted, if 117 anthrax threats & 128 bomb threats were traced to the Muslim community- can you imagine what the public reaction would be?

KHM said...

I've reserved comment here because frankly, I'm speechless: by the hypocrisy, the act, the continued campaign against womens' rights.

While hyperbole may not advance the argument, I'm not particularly impressed that much has advanced the pro-choice agenda in the last two decades. If policy makers are compelled to exercise restraint in their language for the sake of maintaining their careers, then it is left to the impassioned masses to demonstrate the burden of frustration we struggle with.