Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where you at?

Well, folks, all of a sudden, it got really hot 'round these parts. Chicago summers are all to brief and close to what I'd call unbearable. (I'm a spring person. And a fall person.) But, winter is so long and unbearable that we're all contractually obligated to squeeze what we can out of the summer whether we like it or not. If that means sitting outside in the blazing sun getting bitten to death by mosquitoes, that's just how it goes.

Last weekend M&I went to the local street fair. We went for the elephant ears but stayed for the heatstroke. A little girl looked covetously at my snowcone. Without thinking, I offered her some. Both her parents and I sort of died inside as she took a big bite.

Really excited about ma soeurs impending visit to the midwest AND a little time off work! It's been a long time (for both!)

Commenting at all time low - are you out there?


dad said...

I'm ready for you to have that midwest visit...it ought to be fun!

kbmulder said...

I'm waiting here for you in Indiana!!! We'll see you soon.