Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Ho, boy, the last few days M & I have been very anxious because our own special one, Miss Kaya, hasn't been eating very much. I bet in the last week, before yesterday, she ate maybe 1/3 cup of food. We took her to the vet and, thank the dear goddess in heaven, there's nothing seriously wrong with her. After two trips to the vet, and a couple of injections, she's finally starting to eat again. Whew! I seriously thought I was going to loose my mind, I was so worried! She's still not feeling herself, but I think she's getting better.

In other news, I submit a new list of top 4 over-rated things. In lame attempt at humor, I think I offended 80% of people I know with my first one. My new list:
  1. College degrees
  2. Big boobs
  3. Respecting one's elders
  4. Crap, I forgot the other one

what is wrong with me?


dad said...

This coming from one that is not crazy about cats....I'm glad that your Miss Kaya is OK! Now she can get back to the kitty bowl for a snack and head back to her favorite napping spot. Now in regards with your over-rated list: college degrees, sure seems like in today's society it takes one to succeed. (I admire people that took the time and the years to get a degree. Your on that list!) #2 Big Boobs...takes two! #3 Respecting one's elders: You just should. (period)(I'm sure there are exceptions)(maybe it is over-rated, but I don't think so!) #4 Get back with us on that one!

Caitlin said...

I love you! :D
And I'm really glad miss Kaya is okay!!

KHM said...

I'm glad Ms. Kaya is OK, too. That' worrisome when your beloved pet goes off their chow.

What are we supposed to do with your overrated lists? Comment, lament, add our own? All of the above?

1. Big boobs might be overrated but I've never been unhappy by the kinds of attention or favor mine have brought me. So much the fool, then, for the fans thereof but it works for me :)
2. Totally agree that repecting your elders is overrated. I'm not a fan of repecting anyone who hasn't earned/deserved it. Just ask my Grandma...
3. The Counting Crows and Green Day.
4. Sexual encounters that go on and on and on. Really---we don't have to do it all day long. You finished yet?
5. Decorum. Obviously.

Special K said...


KHM said...

Would you believe that I actually have cousins that make ME blush? People who say things I think they shouldn't? Oh yes. Its true.

Special K said...

Kathy, don't forget, it "takes two"! (:

KHM said...

Yes, I read that somewhere recently...

Penny said...

You should live with "it takes two", Kathy, imagine the daily jewels. What were the injections, Kel? I'm so glad Miss Kayapoo is better, too. Tell her that Grandma sends her a good banging on her backside.
I started my own list but never finished:
1. decade birthday parties
2. professional sports heros
3. now I forgot this one
4. never had this one

It's harder than you think - initially, it's like stuff you just don't like, but then, it's more subtle than that, huh?

KHM said...

I think I'd like to have lunch with Carrie, Kelly and Penny.

Carrie said...

Lunch sounds great!

Miss Kaya is well. Thank goodness!