Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We had a really awesome, busy weekend just past - I saw Cabaret with a friend at the Hypocrites theatre. I work with the actress who plays Sally Bowles and she's just incredible. She sang the most desperate version of Life is a Cabaret I've ever heard. It's a bold, brave performance and it's absolutely impossible for the audience not to be effected by the story. Some of themes in the play really reminded me of The Plot Against America, which I read recently.

Sat. we went to the posh Violet Hour and even had to stand outside in a line to get in, which made me feel super hip (for once). M ordered a drink called the "Tattooed Seaman", and so, you know, the jokes told themselves. And, Sunday we mucked around in the garden and then had a lovely dinner with friends.

Next week there is more theatre and more fancy dinners - I happened to make a reservation for Frontera Grill approximately three months ago (you read that right) and it's finally come around. More on that to come!


d00dpwn1337 said...

It was certainly the best seaman I've ever had.

dad said...

I've made very few reservations a day in advance to eat, let alone 3 months in advance...sure hope it was good!

Anonymous said...

aw, thanks kelly! just saw this for the first time. thanks again for supporting the show, and supporting me! LL